Thursday, August 6, 2009


W'sup blog! Miss meeee? I missed you too. o_O Um, I just watched Brown Sugar & I love love love it! My kinda movie haha. SO ROMANTICCCC. & They're so sexy! I dyed my hair black yday. Well just the ends. Can't really tell. I like it though. Short ass sentences. I just had In & Out. Feels like I haven't had fast food in forever. I went to Katie's. Darin the CameraWhore was all nasty and dirty -_- But whateverrr, that's a video of him. I'm the one recording. Cindy was on my left. We've Viet, so if you're not you might not understand some parts. We just said what we said in English but in Viet. GET ITTT? It looks ugly cus the videos too big. WHATEVAAAAA.

Blurry but whatevaaaaa. I needed a pic.

I took these cus.... I was camera-happy lmao.

SO prettaaay!

This couple was making out like craazyyyyy outside Kathleen's. Then.. we caught them going behind the wall. LMAO.