Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hey, let's get awayyyyyy.... (:

This one caught me off-guard lmao.

Sup boooooooooo. Lately, things have been real real chilllllll. I've been having the feeling that summer's almost over, when really, I have a whole month left! Been getting started on the tasks at hand. Signed up for classes, turned in Quaker Gardens application, found assignment. It's a start right? I just watched In the Womb: Identical Twins. So fascinating. Um, haven't bought any clothing lately. Which is good right? I just need some shorts + a new purse. I'm watching the Perfect Holiday right now. I feel like so much has happened lately but Idk what to say. I'm happy. I'm feeling feeling FEELING this song.

Oh! + I find it HILARIOUS how sad some females have gotten lately. I mean, they talk so much shit.. yet they find themselves staring at my websites all damn day. I mean, really? Haha. Grow up. I'm really sorry that you're delusional.

M: Idk but my fucking ass hurts O_O
J: That's what YOU get for getting fat. Your ass can't take the weight no more.

J: You slackinnnn
J: s
J: l
J: a
J: c
J: k
J: i
J: n
M: g
J: No G honey
J: you too proper
M: Oh. Are we doing slang here LOL
J: lmao
M: LOL! sorry

J: A-a-a-a--a-alcohol
J: p-p-p-pms
M: ...
M: Hope I dont get it lmao
J: HAha bet you willlll
M: actually it doesn't really matter
M: just hjfhdsjkfhsdakfjhdakjfhak eugh
J: Haha it's natural :P
M: easy for YOU TO SAY
J: Haha it's just.. blood
M: thats what your friends thought LOL
J: Which is disgusting lmao
M: *pictures*
J: >.>
J: "the condom"
J: nasty fucks
M: dont hate
M: at least he got some
J: Look who's talking lmao
M: stfu
J: Sighhhhhhhhhhhh

M: Today a baby walked up to me and hugged my leg =)
J: Probably thought it was a chubby Teddy bear.
- He's the reason Diddy invented "bitchassness."